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Registration will start (2nd Phase) from 30th May 2019 (9 AM) and it will end on 10th June 2019 (5PM)
No Registration (2nd Phase) will be accepted After 10/06/2019 (5PM) (ERP will be Locked).

Registered Papers (1st Phase)
Paper ID Title
11 DermaMeth: Human DNA Methylation Database for Genes associated with dermatological disorders
26 Power Quality Improvement in Hybrid Power System using SRFT Based DSTATCOM with BESS
30 New Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) For Substation Maintenance Performance
38 Robust Second Order Sliding Mode Current Controller for VSC Interfaced Diesel generator and Battery
39 A Novel Scheme for Supervising Third Zone Distance Relay Operation during Power Swings
42 MethARD: Human DNA Methylation database for genes associated with agerelated disorders
55 Evolution and Development of Wireless Communication System
60 Analysis And Comparison of Various Fully Homomorphic Encryption Techniques
62 Path Planning and Controlling of Omni-Directional Robot Using Cartesian Odometry and PID Algorithm
63 Mixed Multilevel Inverter Topology for High Power Medium Voltage Applications
65 Nonlinear controllability and observability analysis of DC-DC boost converter using Lie Algebra
68 Gm/ID method based low-power, low-noise Pre-amplifier design for EEG
75 Memristor Based Oscillator
77 Question Independent Automated Code Analysis and Grading using Bag of Words and Machine Learning
80 Estimation of maximum penetration level of Solar PV and its enhancement by STATCOM
86 High Speed and Low Power SRAM Cell with Dynamic Feedback Control
93 Evaluation of Collaborative Filtering Based Recommender System against Segment Based Shilling Attack
95 Signal quality enhancement for Power and Spectrum efficient OFDM based communication
105 The Classification of Galaxy Images Using Neural Network Algorithm
110 Land Record Management using Hyperledger Fabric and IPFS
111 Leveraging on Gamification and Learning Analytics for Improved Student Learning
112 SCFDMA and OFDMA performance measures in3GPP LTE by using PAPR and SER analysis
116 FGMOS based Gain Tunable, Low Power OTRA Circuit
120 Prioritizing Software Process Models Using AHP Methodology
128 FTDMA based MAC protocol for throughput enhancement in M2M networks
131 Design of Hexagonal Photonic Crystal Fiber with High nonlinearity and Low Confinement Loss For optic
132 An Optimal Selection of Network for Cognitive Radio- Delay Tolerant Networks (CR-DTN)
134 QFGMOS Based Current Mirror with High Bandwidth and Low Input Impedance
139 Performance Analysis of Model Predictive Control of Liquid Level Process System
141 A Novel Approach for Project’s Technical and Non-Technical Skill Extraction
143 Performance evaluation of ensemble learning on diabetes data set and early diabetes prediction
144 Comparative Study of Hysteresis Motor with Different Types of Superconducting Elements in the Rotor
146 Linking Classroom Studies with Dynamic Environment
148 Miura-ori Fold Based Tunable Band stop Frequency Selective Surface For Ku-Band Applications
155 Performance Analysis of Routing Protocols in IoT based Wireless Sensor Networks
158 Real-Time Infant-at-Risk Detection and Tracking using Faster RCNN-Based Convolution Neural Network
162 A Framework for Detecting and Tracking Religious Abuse in Social Media
169 Fuzzy Logic based Clustering Algorithm to improve DEEC protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks
176 Impact of preferred consideration for fuel cost, emission and bidders’ profit on power bidding optim
178 Bidirectional Power Transmission and Grid Interconnections Using Flexible Asynchronous AC Transmissi
180 Performance Analysis of Bridgeless Converter Based SMPS
181 Reconfigurable (H-T-E) DGS Monopole Antenna ith Switchable Band Notch Characteritics for Wireless Ap
183 Design of turbo code generator in optical domain using mach zehnder interferometer
185 Compact MIMO Diversity Antenna with Tapered Microstrip feed including 3.5/5.5GHz Band Notch Characte
188 Impact on the Transmission and Distribution Grid by the Deployment of Electric Vehicles Charging
190 FPA tuned Extended Kalman Filter for Power Quality Enhancement in PV integrated Shunt Active Power
192 Multi Microgrid Power Quality Enhancement using Distribution Power Conditioner
195 RTBAC: A new approach for securing Electronic Healthcare System
196 Comparative Study of Optimization Techniques for Tuning of PI Gains for Greenhouse Climate Control
197 Altitude and Attitude Control of a Quadcopter Using Linear Active Disturbance Rejection Control
206 Optimal Renewable Energy Resource Allocation by Three Step Optimization
208 Analysis of Sampling Approach to Balance Data for Change Prediction
212 Switchable Multiband Reconfigurable CPW-Fed Multiband Monopole Antenna for GSM1900/LTE2600/WiMAX Wir
213 An Energy Efficient Backoff Algorithm for CRN
217 Enhanced Partition-Based Method using Correlation Coefficient
222 Cyber Physical Model for the Application of Distributed Building Energy Management
229 Designing of Load Frequency Controller for Two-Area Interconnected Power System using Grey Wolf
234 Handwritten Marathi Character Image Recognition using Convolutional Neural Network
235 A review on optimization methodologies for distribution network expansion planning
238 Comparative Analysis of Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithms of Wind Energy Systems
243 Control and Implementation of Bi-Directional Converter for Power Management of Unbalanced DC Microgr
259 DVCCTA based high input impedance VIVO Biquad filter
262 High Accurate Dual Loop Controller for Power Regulation in DAB DC-DC Converter for PV Applications
264 Emotion Classification Using Single-Channel EEG
272 Regularized-Histogram and DWT-SVD Based Image Contrast Enhancement
274 Concurrent Video Encryption and Compression for Secure Storage and Transmission
277 Design of Memristor Based Controller for Speed Control of DC Motor
278 Comparative Study of Different Routing Protocol for Opportunistic IoT Applications
282 An Investigation on Multi-junction Solar Cell Performance in Realistic Scenario
286 ANN Based Novel Inverted L Shape Slotted Patch Antenna For Wide Band Applications
287 Model Order Reduction of Non-Linear Transmission Lines using Non-linear Moment Matching.
288 A Novel ANN based Efficient Proactive Handoff Scheme for Cognitive Radio Network
293 Algorithm for Detection of Power system faults using Hilbert Huang Transform & Ruled Decision Tree
294 Design and Analysis of Low Leakage SRAM cell at 45nm Technology
295 A New two-limit control strategy of a levitating motor
301 Cuffless Systolic Blood Pressure Estimation Using Photoplethysmography Signal
305 Optimized Approach for Restructuring of Rajasthan Transmission Network to Cater Load Demand of Raj.
307 Analyzing Varied Approaches for Forecast of Stock Prices by Combining News Mining and Time Series
308 Analysis Of GaN Based BLDC Motor Drive For Automotive Application
312 Efficient Extended Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Protocol
313 Allocation of Distributed Generation in rural Distribution networks
315 Teacher Attrition Prediction Model and Analysis of the Associated Factors
317 Cancer-Gene Commonality Network based on Efficient Retrieval Methods
321 Non-linear Dynamic Modeling, Simulation and Control of 5-phase 10/8 Switched Reluctance Motor
326 A Transformerless Photovoltaic Inverter with Dedicated MPPT for Grid Application
329 Software Engineering for Big Data Application Development:Systematic Literature Survey Using Snowbal
330 Image Encryption using Robust Sharing Scheme with fractional Fourier Transform
332 Design of Graphene based antenna for 5G MIMO system
338 A Hybrid PV-Battery Topology to Extract Maximum Power at Partial Shading Conditions for Rural/Remote
339 biomedical image encryption based on FrDCT and SVD and Chaotic system
343 Efficiency and Power Density Maximization of 1kW Boost Converter Based Battery Discharge Regulator U
344 An Efficient Approach to Solve Bus-Driver Assignment Problem
350 EEG Signal based Seizure Classification Using Wavelet Transform
351 Wavelet Transform Based Pneumonia Classification of Chest X-Ray Images
358 3-Phase High Gain PFC Converter Implementing Switched Capacitors
359 Performance evaluation & analysis of standalone solar PV powered water pumping system for irrigation
360 A Low Profile Ultrawide Band Antenna for WLAN/Wi-Max/C-Band Wireless applications
365 Optimal PV Placement in Village Distribution Network considering Loss Minimization and Unbalance
368 Energy Analysis of Smart Lighting System Considering Visual Comfort of Occupants for Educational Bui
371 Vigorous 6T SRAM Issues and Scrutiny at 45nm with 440mV SNM having Ultra Low Leakage Power and Leaka
372 Optimal Perturbation MPPT Technique for Solar PV System using Grey Wolf Optimization
375 Novel Tree Based Priority Encoder Design Technique
378 Performance Optimization of Digital CMOS Integrated Circuits using LE Theory and APSO
380 Automated Transistor Sizing of Digital Integrated Circuits using LE theory and Firefly Algorithm
385 Referenceless full reference image quality metric estimation for embedded codec
386 Predictability and Analysis of Weekly Temperature using Autoregressive Time Series Models
387 Non-Uniform Norm Based Minimum Error Entropy Algorithm in Sparse System Identification
388 Volume estimation of non-axisymmetric fruits and vegetables using image analysis
389 Modeling and control of a cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverter for a hybrid generation sources base
391 Hyper Optimised Molecular subtype prediction of Breast Cancer
392 Genetic algorithm based optimized routing methodology through big data analytics in MANET
395 Analysis and Prediction of Suicide Attempts
398 On High Frequency Analysis of Gm-boosted High Performance Flipped Voltage Followers with Very Low Ou
400 Synchronization of Fractional Order Chaotic Systems using Non-Linear Control Scheme
405 An Extension of Interleaved hybrid Converter for Concurrently DC and AC Output
411 Modeling and Simulation of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator with Speed Vector Control for Wi
421 Displacement Control of an Electro- Hydraulic Actuator using Proportional Solenoid Valve
425 Maximum Power Point Tracking with PV fed Switched Inductor Topology DC-DC Converter
426 Dichotomic Prediction of an Event Using Non Deterministic Finite Automata
429 Day Ahead Bi-Level Direct Load Control in Smart Residential Apartment Building: A Stackelberg Game
431 Design and simulation of LTE prototype filter for filter bank multicarrier(FBMC) system
433 State of Charge Estimation of Ultracapacitors Based on a Fractional Order Calculus
434 Experimental Validation to Performance of SISO and Diversity Techniques on MIMO with C-700 Software
435 Comparative Study of Conventional PD and Fuzzy PD Controller for Non-linear Active Suspension System
437 Minimization of Impact of Disturbances on Performance of Utility Grid with Wind Energy Penetration U
438 Improvement in QoS of MANET Routing by finding optimal route using Mobile Agent paradigm & Intelli
439 Hyper smoothing function based edge detection for prediction of fat content in marble meat
441 Reliability Improvement of a Radial Distribution System with Recloser Placement
446 Model of Smart Gas Sensors with the application of neural network for the detection of gases
450 Application of balancing techniques with ensemble approach for credit card fraud detection
451 Performance analysis of three phase voltage source inverter using PWM and SPWM techniques
462 Realization of Memristor based D-Latch
471 Design of SHA-2 hash based image encryption scheme using 1D chaotic systems and DNA sequences
475 Design and Analysis of Enhanced Gain Buck-Boost Converter
477 Voltage-Multiplier based Z-Source DC-DC Boost Converter: Analysis and Design
478 Time Series Prediction of PM 2.5 Level in Delhi
479 Deep Learning with Convolutional Neural Network for Controlling Human Arm Prosthesis using sEMG
495 Enhanced Distributed Distributive Justice Algorithm for Resource Allocation Problem
496 Improved Droop Control Strategy for Single Phase Micro-Grid Inverters in Stand-Alone Mode.


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