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Registered Papers for GUCON 2019
FD1 To FD4 : 27th September 2019 at 1.30 PM,
FD5 To FD8 : 27th September 2019 at 3.30 PM
Venue: Radission Blu Greater Noida ( FD1 to FD8 )

SD1 To SD5 : 28th September 2019 at 1.30PM,
SD1 To SD5 : 28th September 2019 at 3.30PM
Venue: Galgotias University GCET Campus Greater Noida (SD1 to SD10)

Registered Paper for GUCON 2019
ID Paper Title ( Session ID )
11 DermaMeth: Human DNA Methylation Database for Genes associated with dermatological disorders ( FD1 )
17 Performance analysis of discrete and continuous mode PSS in PHILLIPH-HEFFRON model ( FD6 )
18 Analysis of sampling frequency of discrete mode stabilizer in modern power system ( FD6 )
26 Power Quality Improvement in Hybrid Power System Using Synchronous Reference Frame Theory based Distribution Static Compensator with Battery Energy Storage System ( FD6 )
30 New Key Performance Indicators (KPI) For Substation Maintenance Performance ( FD6 )
38 Robust Second Order Sliding Mode Current Controller for VSC Interfaced Diesel generator and Battery Energy Storage based DC Microgrid ( FD6 )
39 A Novel Scheme for Supervising Third Zone Distance Relay Operation during Power Swings ( FD6 )
42 MethARD: Human DNA Methylation database for genes associated with agerelated disorders ( FD1 )
55 Evolution and Development of Wireless Communication System ( FD3 )
60 Analysis And Comparison of Various Fully Homomorphic Encryption Techniques ( FD3 )
62 Path Planning and Controlling of Omni-Directional Robot Using Cartesian Odometry and PID Algorithm ( FD1 )
63 Mixed Multilevel Inverter Topology for High Power Medium Voltage Applications ( FD6 )
65 Nonlinear controllability and observability analysis of DC-DC boost converter using Lie Algebra ( FD6 )
68 Gm/ID method based low-power, low-noise Pre-amplifier design for EEG ( FD3 )
75 Memristor Based Oscillator ( FD3 )
77 Question Independent Automated Code Analysis and Grading using Bag of Words and Machine Learning ( FD1 )
80 Estimation of maximum penetration level of Solar PV and its enhancement by STATCOM ( FD6 )
86 High Speed and Low Power SRAM Cell with Dynamic Feedback Control ( FD3 )
93 Evaluation of Collaborative Filtering Based Recommender Systems against Segment-Based Shilling Attacks ( FD1 )
95 Signal quality enhancement for Power and Spectrum efficient OFDM based communication ( FD3 )
105 The Classification of Galaxy Images Using Neural Network Algorithm ( FD1 )
110 Land Record Management using Hyperledger Fabric and IPFS ( FD1 )
111 Leveraging on Gamification and Learning Analytics for Improved Student Learning ( FD1 )
112 SCFDMA and OFDMA performance measures in3GPP LTE by using PAPR and SER analysis ( FD3 )
116 FGMOS based Gain Tunable, Low Power OTRA Circuit ( FD3 )
120 Prioritizing Software Process Models Using AHP Methodology ( FD1 )
128 FTDMA based MAC protocol for throughput enhancement in M2M networks ( FD3 )
131 Design of Hexagonal Photonic Crystal Fiber with High nonlinearity and Low Confinement Loss For optical coherence tomography Application ( FD3 )
132 An Optimal Selection of Network for Cognitive Radio- Delay Tolerant Networks (CR-DTN) ( FD4 )
134 QFGMOS Based Current Mirror with High Bandwidth and Low Input Impedance ( FD4 )
139 Performance Analysis of Model Predictive Control of Liquid Level Process System ( FD7 )
141 A Novel Approach for Project’s Technical and Non-Technical Skill Extraction ( FD2 )
143 Performance evaluation of ensemble learning on diabetes data set and early diabetes prediction ( FD2 )
144 Comparative Study of Hysteresis Motor with Different Types of Superconducting Elements in the Rotor ( FD7 )
146 Linking Classroom Studies with Dynamic Environment ( FD2 )
148 Miura-Ori Fold Based Tunable Bandstop Frequency Selective Surface For Ku Band Applications ( FD4 )
155 Performance Analysis of Routing Protocols in IoT based Wireless Sensor Networks ( FD4 )
158 Real-Time Infant-at-Risk Detection and Tracking using Faster RCNN-Based Convolution Neural Network ( FD2 )
162 A Framework for Detecting and Tracking Religious Abuse in Social Media ( FD2 )
169 Fuzzy Logic based Clustering Algorithm to improve DEEC protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks ( FD4 )
176 Impact of preferred consideration for fuel cost, emission and bidders’ profit on power bidding optimization ( FD7 )
178 Bidirectional Power Transmission and Grid Interconnections Using Flexible Asynchronous AC Transmission Link ( FD7 )
180 Performance Analysis of Bridgeless Converter Based SMPS ( FD7 )
181 Reconfigurable (H-T-E) DGS Monopole Antenna With Switchable Band Notch Characteritics for Wireless Applications ( FD4 )
183 Design of Turbo code generator in optical domain using Mach-Zehnder interferometer ( FD4 )
185 Compact MIMO Diversity Antenna with Tapered Microstrip feed including 3.5/5.5GHz Band Notch Characteristics for Wireless Applications ( FD4 )
188 Impact on the Transmission and Distribution Grid by the Deployment of Electric Vehicles Charging ( FD7 )
190 FPA tuned Extended Kalman Filter for Power Quality Enhancement in PV integrated Shunt Active Power Filter ( FD7 )
192 Multi Microgrid Power Quality Enhancement using Distribution Power Conditioner ( FD7 )
195 RTBAC: A new approach for securing Electronic Healthcare System ( FD2 )
196 Comparative Study of Optimization Techniques for Tuning of PI Gains for Greenhouse Climate Control ( FD7 )
197 Altitude and Attitude Control of a Quadcopter Using Linear Active Disturbance Rejection Control ( FD8 )
206 Optimal Renewable Energy Resource Allocation by Three Step Optimization ( FD8 )
208 Analysis of Sampling Approach to Balance Data for Change Prediction ( FD2 )
212 Switchable Multiband Reconfigurable CPW-Fed Multiband Monopole Antenna for GSM1900/LTE2600/WiMAX Wireless Applications ( FD4 )
213 An Energy Efficient Backoff Algorithm for CRN ( FD4 )
217 Enhanced Partition-Based Method using Correlation Coefficient ( FD2 )
222 Cyber Physical Model for the Application of Distributed Building Energy Management ( FD8 )
229 Designing of Load Frequency Controller for Two-Area Interconnected Power System using Grey Wolf Optimization ( FD8 )
234 Handwritten Marathi Character Image Recognition using Convolutional Neural Network ( FD2 )
235 A review on optimization methodologies for distribution network expansion planning ( FD8 )
238 Comparative Analysis of Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithms of Wind Energy Systems ( FD8 )
243 Control and Implementation of Bi-Directional Converter for Power Management of Unbalanced DC Microgrid ( FD8 )
259 DVCCTA based high input impedance VIVO Biquad filter ( FD5 )
262 High Accurate Dual Loop Controller for Power Regulation in DAB DC-DC Converter for Solar PV Applications ( FD8 )
264 Emotion Classification Using Single-Channel EEG ( FD5 )
272 Regularized-Histogram and DWT-SVD Based Image Contrast Enhancement ( FD5 )
274 Concurrent Video Encryption and Compression for Secure Storage and Transmission ( FD2 )
277 Design of Memristor Based Controller for Speed Control of DC Motor ( FD8 )
286 ANN Based Novel Inverted L Shape Slotted Patch Antenna For Wide Band Applications ( FD5 )
287 Model Order Reduction of Non-Linear Transmission Lines using Non-linear Moment Matching. ( FD8 )
288 A Novel ANN based Efficient Proactive Handoff Scheme for Cognitive Radio Network ( FD5 )
293 Algorithm for Detection of Power System Faults in the Presence of Thyristor Controlled Reactor Using Hilbert Huang Transform and Ruled Decision Tree ( SD6 )
294 Design and Analysis of Low Leakage SRAM cell at 45nm Technology ( FD5 )
295 A New two-limit control strategy of a bearingless motor ( SD6 )
301 Cuffless Systolic Blood Pressure Estimation Using Photoplethysmography Signal ( FD5 )
305 Optimized Approach for Restructuring of Rajasthan Transmission Network to Cater Load Demand of Rajasthan Refinery and Petrochemical Complex ( SD6 )
307 Analyzing Varied Approaches for Forecast of Stock Prices by Combining News Mining and Time Series Analysis ( SD1 )
308 Analysis Of GaN Based BLDC Motor Drive For Automotive Application ( SD6 )
312 Efficient Extended Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Protocol ( FD5 )
313 Allocation of Distributed Generation in rural distribution networks ( SD6 )
315 Teacher Attrition Prediction Model and Analysis of the Associated Factors ( SD1 )
317 Cancer-Gene Commonality Network based on Efficient Retrieval Methods ( SD1 )
321 Non-linear Dynamic Modeling, Simulation and Control of 5-phase 10/8 Switched Reluctance Motor for Electric vehicle application ( SD6 )
322 Short Circuit Analysis of Electrical Distribution System for Typical Chemical Industry ( SD6 )
326 A Transformerless Photovoltaic Inverter with Dedicated MPPT for Grid Application ( SD6 )
327 Dual Input Converter Fed Transformerless Multilevel Inverter for Standalone PV Application ( SD6 )
329 Software Engineering for Big Data Application Development: Systematic Literature Survey Using Snowballing ( SD1 )
330 Robust Secret Sharing for Image Encryptionin Fractional Fourier Transform Domain ( FD5 )
332 Design of Graphene based antenna for 5G MIMO system ( SD3 )
333 Improved space vector PWM techniques of the three level ZSI ( SD6 )
338 A Hybrid PV-Battery Topology to Extract Maximum Power at Partial Shading Conditions for Rural /Remote Area Applications ( SD7 )
339 BiomedicalImageEncryptionBasedonFractional Discrete nCosineTransformwith Singular Value Decomposition and Chaotic System ( SD3 )
343 Efficiency and Power Density Maximization of 1kW Boost Converter Based Battery Discharge Regulator Using Wide Bandgap Devices ( SD7 )
344 An Efficient Approach to Solve Bus-Driver Assignment Problem ( SD1 )
350 EEG Signal based Seizure Classification Using Wavelet Transform ( SD1 )
351 Wavelet Transform Based Pneumonia Classification of Chest X-Ray Images ( SD1 )
354 Analysis and Mitigation of Harmonics for Standard IEEE 13 Bus Test System Using ETAP ( SD7 )
358 3-Phase High Gain PFC Converter Implementing Switched Capacitors ( SD7 )
359 Performance evaluation and analysis of stand-alone solar PV powered water pumping system for irrigation ( SD7 )
360 A Low Profile Ultrawide Band Antenna for WLAN/Wi-Max/C-Band Wireless applications ( SD3 )
365 Optimal PV Placement in Village Distribution Network considering Loss Minimization and Unbalance ( SD7 )
368 Energy Analysis of Smart Lighting System Considering Visual Comfort of Occupants for Educational Building ( SD7 )
370 Design of Isolated Auxiliary AC-DC Converter Meeting Level VI Energy Efficiency Norms ( SD7 )
371 Vigorous 6T SRAM Issues and Scrutiny at 45nm with 440mV SNM having Ultra Low Leakage Power and Leakage Current Perpetuating Cell Firmness With 1V VDD ( SD3 )
372 Optimal Perturbation MPPT Technique for Solar PV System using Grey Wolf Optimization ( SD7 )
375 Novel Tree Based Priority Encoder Design Technique ( SD3 )
378 Performance Optimization of Digital CMOS Integrated Circuits using LE Theory and APSO ( SD3 )
380 Automated Transistor Sizing of Digital Integrated Circuits using LE theory and Firefly Algorithm ( SD3 )
385 Referenceless full reference image quality metric estimation for embedded codec ( SD3 )
387 Non–Uniform Norm Based Minimum Error Entropy Algorithm in Sparse System Identification ( SD3 )
388 Volume estimation of non-axisymmetric fruits and vegetables using image analysis ( SD1 )
389 Modeling and control of a cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverter for a hybrid generation sources based islanded microgrid ( SD7 )
391 Hyper Optimised Molecular subtype prediction of Breast Cancer ( SD1 )
392 Genetic Algorithm Based Optimized Routing Methodology through Big Data Analytics in MANET ( SD2 )
395 Analysis and Prediction of Suicide Attempts ( SD2 )
398 On High Frequency Analysis of Gm-boosted High Performance Flipped Voltage Followers with Very Low Output Impedance ( SD3 )
400 Synchronization of Fractional Order Chaotic Systems using Non-Linear Control Scheme ( SD8 )
405 An Extension of Interleaved hybrid Converter for concurrently DC and AC Output ( SD8 )
411 Modeling and Simulation of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator with Speed Vector Control for Wind Power Applications ( SD8 )
421 Displacement Control of an Electro- Hydraulic Actuator using Proportional Solenoid Valve ( SD8 )
425 Maximum Power Point Tracking with PV fed Switched Inductor Topology DC-DC Converter ( SD8 )
426 Dichotomic Prediction of an Event Using Non Deterministic Finite Automata ( SD2 )
429 Day Ahead Bi-Level Direct Load Control in Smart Residential Apartment Building: A Stackelberg Game Approach ( SD8 )
431 Design and simulation of LTE prototype filter for filter bank multicarrier(FBMC) system ( SD4 )
433 State of Charge Estimation of Ultracapacitors Based on a Fractional Order Calculus ( SD8 )
434 Experimental Validation of SISO, SIMO, MISO, and MIMO Techniques Using C-700 Software Defined Radio Platform ( SD4 )
435 Comparative Study of Conventional PD and Fuzzy PD Controller for Non-linear Active Suspension System ( SD8 )
437 Minimization of Impact of Disturbances on Performance of Utility Grid with Wind Energy Penetration Using Battery Energy Storage Device ( SD8 )
438 Improvement in QoS of MANET Routing by finding optimal route using Mobile Agent paradigm and Intelligent Routing Decision using Fuzzy Logic Approach ( SD4 )
439 Hyper smoothing function based edge detection for prediction of fat content in marble meat ( SD4 )
441 Reliability Improvement of a Radial Distribution System with Recloser Placement ( SD8 )
443 Design and Implementation of System Protection Scheme for Kawai-Kalisindh-Chhabra Thermal Complex in Rajasthan, India ( SD9 )
450 Application of balancing techniques with ensemble approach for credit card fraud detection ( SD2 )
451 Performance analysis of three phase voltage source inverter using PWM and SPWM techniques ( SD9 )
462 Realization of Memristor based D-Latch ( SD4 )
471 Design of a SHA-2 Hash Based Image Encryption Scheme using 1D chaotic systems and DNA sequences ( SD2 )
475 Design and Analysis of Enhanced Gain Buck-Boost Converter ( SD9 )
477 Voltage-Multiplier based Z-Source DC-DC Boost Converter: Analysis and Design ( SD9 )
478 Time Series Prediction of PM 2.5 Level in Delhi ( SD4 )
479 Deep Learning with Convolutional Neural Network for Controlling Human Arm Prosthesis using sEMG signals ( SD4 )
495 Enhanced Distributed Distributive Justice Algorithm for Resource Allocation Problem ( SD2 )
496 Improved Droop Control Strategy for Single Phase Micro-Grid Inverters in Stand-Alone Mode. ( SD9 )
527 Robust Control of Cart-Inverted Pendulum System Using Fractional Order (FO) Controller ( SD9 )
609 Wideband Microwave Equalizer with Asymmetric Parabolic Gain-Slope for Airborne Applications ( SD4 )
663 Identifying synonyms in bigram phrases using Compositional DSM and Artificial Neural Network ( SD5 )
705 A Review of Phase Converting Transformer ( SD10 )
713 Joint Wireless Charging and Data Collection using Mobile Element for Rechargeable WSNs ( SD5 )
714 Mobile Charger Scheduling using Partial Charging Strategy for Rechargeable WSNs ( SD5 )
718 Design and Development of Solar Umbrella Based on Peltier Effect ( SD9 )
720 Remote Code Execution using ICMP Modified Structured Storage Covert Channels Without Elevation of Privileges ( SD2 )
724 Ranking Web Pages Using Cosine Similarity Measure ( SD2 )
735 Euclidean Detector Based Cyber Attack Detection in Automatic Generation Control ( SD9 )
737 Three Phase Transformerless Cascaded H-Bridge Solar PV Multilevel Inverter ( SD9 )
744 Performance Evaluation of Energy Efficient Power Models for Different Scheduling Algorithms in Cloud using Cloud Reports ( SD2 )
748 EEG Controlled Bionic Arm ( SD2 )
763 Intelligent Trainer for Athletes using Machine Learning ( SKYPE )
765 Telugu OCR using Dictionary Learning and Multi-Layer Perceptrons ( SD5 )
771 Music similarity mapping through Fundamental Frequencies by Coefficient of Concurrent Deviation ( SD2 )
776 Comparative Analysis of Aperture Antennae and Microstrip Patch Antennae ( SD5 )
780 Active Solar Tracking System Using Node MCU ( SD5 )
791 AWILOG Based Control for Grid-Tied PV System Under Weak Grid Conditions ( SD10 )
792 Power Quality Improvement in PV System Tied to Weak Grid ( SD10 )
794 Study to Analyze the Impact of Fixed Trap Charges on the Performance of Germanium Ferroelectric Double Gate FET (GeFeDGFET) ( SD5 )
808 Fast and Robust Control for Power Management and Power Quality Improvement in Islanded Microgrid ( SD10 )
819 Realization of Visible Light Communication approach with Power LED and Solar panel ( SD5 )
836 Bridgeless Isolated Zeta-Luo Converter Based EV Charger with PF Pre-regulation ( SD10 )
838 Analysis of Signal for Determination of Crack Distance from Acoustic Emission Sensor of a Steel Bridge ( SD5 )
842 De-rated MPPT Scheme for Grid Integrated Solar PV Energy Conversion System ( SD10 )
848 A hierarchical approach to extract application logs with visualization in a containerized environment. ( SD2 )
849 Cost-Effective Solar Powered Battery Charging System for Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) ( SD10 )
853 Combined IIR and FIR Filter for Improved Power Quality of PV Interfaced Utility Grid ( SD10 )
861 LRNeuNet: An attention based deep architecture for lipreading from multitudinous sized videos ( SD2 )
863 Solar PV-Battery Microgrid for Three Phase Four Wire AC Distribution System ( SD10 )


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